“If you are not familiar with Andrew’s voice then it is quite a subtle one, it’s got a gentleness, especially in this recording that relies mainly on him carrying the tune simply accompanied by the guitar. The songs seem quite straightforward praise and worship, but I do love the way that the Scriptures are brought to life in the first couple of songs. There is nothing really that brings anything extra to this recording, it pretty much does what it sets out to do – it brings you into a simple stripped back and intimate worship setting where there is no ‘show’ getting in the way of connecting with the words and the God they are pointing you towards!”

Extract from review of EP “Where The Light Shines” from One Man In The Middle (full review here)

“Playing guitar, keys, percussion and bass Robinson delivers a stripped-back, rootsy acoustic set of songs. Folksy, guitar-based opener “Where The Light Shines” focusses on the fact that light always overcomes darkness. “Name Above All Other Names” is an ’80s-styled praise song reminiscent of Dave Bilbrough in his heyday while “O My Soul” is a lovely, expressive song of worship which one could imagine sung in a bigger setting. An artist with potential and talent.”

Extract from review of EP “Where The Light Shines” from Cross Rhythms (full review here)

“Andrew has a heart to worship Jesus and the songs he shared oozes this close relationship he has with Him. He led us in worship at Encounter, our monthly gathering in Cambourne and did a beautiful job. He taught us and led us sensitively and his openness to The Holy Spirit is inspirational.”

Chris Duffett – Founder of the The Light Project

“Andrew is an accomplished worship leader with an ability and gifting to lead people in response to the wonder and grace of God. Andrew has also written some very inspiring songs, which are a valuable resource to the church.” 

Steven Anderson – Pastor, Whiteinch Church, Glasgow

“Andrew is a worship leader within the Christian Police Association.  Most recently, he organised and delivered the worship time at our Annual National Christian Police Association Leaders Conference.  Andrew is both humble and inspiring in his leadership of worship.  Andrew is a great ambassador for the Christian Police Association and is a good and faithful servant of the LORD”.  

Lee Russell MA, Executive Director, Christian Police Association


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