Blog #11 – New Things

Hello friends!

Its been a while since my last blog and there is lots to catch up on, so I’ve broken it down into sections for you!


At the beginning of the year I took an old hymn by William Cowper called “God Moves In A Mysterious Way”, wrote a new melody and added a chorus. I’ve been working on recording this song, which is nearly finished. I just need to record some extra vocals and mix and master it. I’ll be releasing it as a single very soon. Watch this space….



Speaking of mixing and mastering, I’ve been doing a lot of research and learning in this area as I’m keen to be able to produce my own music rather than rely on others, which can be expensive. Ideally I’d have a huge budget and record everything in a high quality studio and have professional mixing and mastering. However, as an independent artist with very little money or time I have to do most things myself. Having said that, I’m really enjoying learning about the processes involved in creating great sounding music on a tight budget, and although subject is vast and complicated there are some fantastic online resources for self-learning. YouTube is a wonderful thing! If you’re interested in music production two of my favourite YouTube bloggers are Recording Revolution and Music Tech Help Guy.



Something else I’ve been working on since Christmas is making connections and building relationships with other musicians and worship leaders. It’s a very small world when you start meeting people! Last month I worked on a project with Richard Heywood and Aaron Esdale from BuskingPraise. They are two guys that write their own material and go out on the streets to busk and share the songs that God has laid on their heart. I love their vision for this and as part of my mixing and mastering development I mixed and helped to arrange one of their songs “What Love” which is now available online. Please take a few minutes to listen and please give them your support by leaving a comment and following them on social media.



I’ve played a couple of events since Christmas and I’m really enjoying getting out there with my music and sharing it with people in person. Recordings are great, but nothing beats live music, especially when there are opportunities to explain the stories and inspiration behind the songs. At the end of March I played and led worship at More Than A Coffee, which is a church plant that meets in Costa in Huntingdon and is led by Debbie Porsz. I loved being able to play some of my songs and lead people in worship in a coffee shop and I’m booked to do another midweek event on the 11th June where I’ll be playing more of my own songs. Please come along if you’re nearby and available.

Last Sunday I lead worship at Encounter, which is a monthly event held at Cambourne Church. Not only did I have the opportunity to lead and share some of my songs, I was also interviewed about my day job and met some great people. I love what Chris Duffett and the team are doing there to bring people from different churches together for worship, teaching and prayer.

I have a few more events coming up in the next few weeks. The first is this Friday 4th May at After Hours Live in Wisbech. I’ll be playing a set of cover songs as well as my own material. I’ll also be sharing the inspiration behind some of my songs and how they relate to my journey of faith over recent years. Again, come along if you’re able – it’s a free event!

On the 11th May I have a very exciting opportunity to support Noel Robinson on the Bedford date of his UK tour called “Outrageous Love”. Noel is an international worship leader, music pastor, songwriter and producer whose mandate is to see the body of Christ rise up in worship, intercession and unity in this generation. Check out his website and YouTube videos to get a flavour of what the evening will be like – it promises to be great! Tickets are available here

I was given this opportunity through Ministry of Music who I have been working with since Christmas. If you would like to book me to play at your event, please get in touch through the website.

There are some other events in the pipeline for later in the year and even into 2019, but I’ll advertise those when they are confirmed.


I’ve had my EP “Where The Light Shines” reviewed twice this month.

The first review was from Rob Allwright at OneManInTheMiddle – you can find the review here

The second review was from Cross Rhythms – you can find the review here

I’m really pleased with both of these reviews and they were better than I expected!



Much of my recording and writing is on hold at the moment, because I am in the process of converting part of my garage into an office/studio. Like most other things, I like to do it myself rather than pay builders a small fortune to do it for me, but it’s making progress and I hope to have a fully functional studio and creative space very soon. Once it’s up and running I plan to crack on with recording my album. It will also be a great space to spend time in prayer and worship and writing new songs. Oh, and I also need an extra four hours in every day, and an extra two days in every week!


Having just read over what I’ve written, I realise how much has happened in a few short months! I often get frustrated at how little time I have to spend on music ministry because I also have a family and a full time job that come first (in that order!), but I am also very grateful for all that I am able to do, for a supportive and encouraging wife (according to her I’ve never written a bad song!), and for lots of friends and family that appreciate the music I make and the way I can use my gifts to lead people in worship. I would of course, love to do more of it. In fact, I’d love to do it full-time, but God knows what I need and I trust that at the right time and in the right circumstances he will release me to do what is on my heart. In the meantime I keep chipping away and doing what I can with the time and resources I have. As Proverbs 16:9 says “A man’s heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps”. I have champagne ideas and a lemonade budget, but as a good friend pointed out, Jesus turned water into wine, so there is hope!

Before I go I just want to ask you one favour. If you haven’t already, could you head over to my facebook page and hit the like button. It really does help and it’s a good way to keep up to speed with new songs and other news.

Thanks for reading,




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